Your First Session

Put Your Mind at Ease

Your First PT Session Broken Down into 5 Steps

1. Discussion of Goals

Always the first step and without goals fitness results cannot be achieved.

The only question is how high do you want to raise the bar?

And the secret is always not to set the bar too low and set a goal that ultimately will:


100% satisfy you and let you reward yourself for reaching that goal!

2. Limitations

Do you have any mental or physical limitations that hold you back from reaching goals?


These limitations will be discussed openly, with care and productively.


Strategies to overcome limitations will be discussed as well as an:


Action plan to overcome them!

3. Assessment of Motivation

Motivation is a must in life to reach any goal but a kind approach will always be taken to your motivation levels.


You will be assessed for how you tick and what makes you tick.


PT Chris Howson likes to call these the ‘triggers’ behind human behaviour to take:


People of all levels of motivation to their desired fitness level!

4. Assessment of Fitness

Fitness is for life.

It ultimately creates a better life for you now and in the future.

PT Chris Howson takes a kind approach to your ‘fitness levels’ and will always use all his 25+ years experience to:

Teach you life-long fitness!

5. Program Developed with Exercises to Suit You

Time for the fun part!


A results-driven  ‘personalised’ program for you and only you will be designed by PT Chris Howson.


It will take account of your lifestyle, mindset, body and the 4 previous steps discussed to:


100% Guarantee Your PT Results!

Start Doing Today with Fitness for Life

GC Fitness Trainer celebrates:

Your Goals

Your Body, and ultimately

Your Transformation.


Challenge Group 2

6 Week Challenge

Run every 8 weeks and sure to test your fitness while being bucket loads of fun with various training. Includes 24/7 Support.

Coaching Pic

1-on-1 Personal Training

Achieve all your fitness goals for you and only you with a 100% results program that is guaranteed to please.


Couples Training

Achieve all your fitness goals together with combined motivation and a healthy routine that is hard to beat.

Group Training

All about fun and when you get involved and train together, it’s a great way to push yourself and put a smile on your face.


Online Training

Unrivalled support and motivation from highly experienced PT Chris Howson whenever you need it, wherever you are.



Just as critical as exercise and therefore a comprehensive approach is taken with nutritional habits that are life changing.

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Our Promise

GC Fitness Trainer Chris Howson’s promise is simple.

100% PT Results Guaranteed or it is FREE!

If anytime you feel unsatisfied you can ask for your money back or even get Chris to train for your FREE.

That is the GC Fitness Trainer promise.

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