Before we begin, you may be asking yourself – What does good posture do for us? Or why should we try to improve it?

Its not always easy to maintain good posture, that’s for sure, but just like anything else it is a skill that can be learned and the benefits are great. But it s not remembering to stand up straight, for some it will take determination, consistency and a little practice.

The Benefits of Good Posture…so what are the positive things that good posture provides for us and why should we even bother? The answer is that is hosts a large variety of health improving benefits, both physical, psychological and aesthetic. Here are a few:

What is Good Posture?

In simple terms, to achieve good standing posture, stand tall with your head slightly extended upwards, your chin tucked in and your shoulders back. Let your arms hang naturally and position your weight over the centre of your feet. Your posture is then maintained through the formation of good subconscious habits, which can be improved by strengthening the muscles responsible for posture.

5 Exercise To Improve Posture.

  1. The Plank- including this into you training will improve over all core strength and helps develop the stability muscles.
  2. Side Planks- this variation of the plank will help maintain neutral alignment of the spine.
  3. Cat Cow- this exercise stretches and massages the spine to help release tension and improve circulation.
  4. Bird Dog- promotes stability, can relieve lower back pain and help by encouraging a neutral spine.
  5. Child’s Pose- lengthen the spine and help release tension throughout the back muscles.

A Personal Trainer can help with Postural Issues.

As we have just discussed, a lot of bad posture is the result of simply weak muscles in the back, neck and core. I find a lot of people can see great improvements in just a short time, from a few basic exercises that are performed consistently. If you find that you are struggling to find the correct information on which exercises are best for you, or just need a little coaching with technique to get the most form your posture strengthening program, reach out to myself or to your local Personal Trainer and they can point you in the right direction on how to get the most from your efforts.

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