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Whenever You Need It, Wherever You Are - Personal Trainer In Gold Coast

Train on your own terms with highly experienced Online Personal Trainer Chris Howson whenever you need it, wherever you are.

Chris will ensure you get:

  1. Unrivalled support
  2. Unrivalled motivation, and ultimately
  3. Unrivalled results.

Online Personal Training is the best option when you cannot train with your PT face to face.

You will receive a ‘personalised’ fitness program straight to your inbox that includes:

Workout plans based on your goals, and
Expert nutrition advice that sets healthy habits for life.

Working late??
Working in a different time zone??
Working just on a weird schedule??

GC Fitness Trainer Chris Howson is your solution allowing you to:

Train in your own time giving you all the support and motivation you need from your PT!

Benefits of Online Personal Training

GC Fitness Trainer would like to 100% reassure you that it’s Online Training offers you all the benefits of One-on-One Personal Training provided you:

Put in the required effort!

PT Chris Howson will ensure the exact same focus is on:

  • Safety
  • Technique, and
  • Goal Achievement.


The main benefit of Online Personal Training is that you can ‘conveniently’ train on your own terms anytime, anywhere.

Here are the Other Main Benefits:

  • Not restricted to you local PT (the web is worldwide resource)
  • Can extensively research PT’s background (making best choice)
  • Limitless potential (with less time restrictions)
  • Accountability (great PT’s like Chris still ensure this)
  • Support (and encouragement until you reach your goals).

Like what you see and interested in Online Personal Training?

Motivation When You Need it the Most

With over 25 years’ experience PT Chris Howson is big on ‘triggers’ and knows what makes people tick.

Chris is here as your fitness partner to:

Give you a push on those days when you need a little push!

And all this is easily done online with an easy-to-use chat feature that:

   • Allows you to ask questions (absolutely anything)
   • Build confidence (by gaining momentum with your program), and
   • Get that push (or even shove) when you need it.

But as Chris says:

“I am here to motivate you as much as possible to achieve all your goals but ultimately the power is in your hands.”

Ready to be motivated by Chris and smash some goals?

Expert Advice Anytime, Anywhere

PT Chris Howson will openly share his 25+ years’ experience with you to give you:

  • Personalised advice (in a way that you easily understand)
  • Professional advice (to achieve a better outcome)
  • Actionable advice (that will allow you to smash your goals!)

And whether it be:

Exercise tips, or
Nutrition tips

Chris ultimately wants you to:

  • Enjoy the journey (and have fun)
  • Embrace fitness (with all the wonderful benefits), and
  • Live a better life (what it’s all about!).

“Regardless of where you live I’m here to help you succeed with all your fitness goals and create a better life with Online Personal Training.”

~ Chris Howson ~

So are you Ready for Chris Howson’s expert advice anytime, anywhere?

Other Services

Personal Training Services With 100% Satisfaction and Your Results Guaranteed

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6 Week Challenge

Run every 8 weeks and sure to test your fitness while being bucket loads of fun with various training. Includes 24/7 Support.

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1-on-1 Personal Training

Achieve all your fitness goals for you and only you with a 100% results program that is guaranteed to please.


Couples Training

Achieve all your fitness goals together with combined motivation and a healthy routine that is hard to beat.

Group Training

All about fun and when you get involved and train together, it’s a great way to push yourself and put a smile on your face.



Just as critical as exercise and therefore a comprehensive approach is taken with nutritional habits that are life changing.

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Our Promise

GC Fitness Trainer Chris Howson’s promise is simple.

100% PT Results Guaranteed or it is FREE!

If anytime you feel unsatisfied you can ask for your money back or even get Chris to train for your FREE.

That is the GC Fitness Trainer promise.

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