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For You and Only for You - Fitness Training In Gold Coast

GC Fitness Trainer One-on-One Personal Training caters for those just ‘starting’ out or ‘experienced’ athletes needs.

One-on-One Personal Training is all about changing your life ‘permanently’ for the better by:

Embracing exercise and getting ‘enjoyment’ out of it

Creating a healthier lifestyle, and

Smashing your goals (whatever they may be).

Whether you are:

Struggling to find the time in your day for exercise?

Struggling with motivation?

Struggling with roadblocks?

Or even if you:

Have hit a plateau in the gym?

Need to shake up your exercise regime?

Are confused by nutrition?


GC Fitness Trainer is your solution.

Passionate Personal Trainer Chris Howson has helped over 2,000 Clients achieve their body goals and he guarantees he can do the same for you!

Benefits of One-on-One Personal Training

The main benefit of One-on-One Personal Training is that it’s all about you / your goals and this can create better results.

Here are the Other Main Benefits:

    • Workout on your terms (time and place that suits you)


    • Choose from outdoors or in the gym (variety is key)


    • Save money on a gym membership (making little difference)


    • Big motivation help (with your fitness a priority)


    • Accountability partner (always pushing you towards goals)


    • Teamwork (change something together if not working)


    • Ongoing lifestyle and nutrition advice (tailored to you)


    • Form checks (to ensure you do it the ‘right’ way)


    • Eliminate time wasting (by keeping you engaged)


    • Continuous Challenging (to keep you on your toes).


One-on-One Personal Training by passionate Personal Trainer Chris Howson is ultimately 100% Guaranteed to:

Give ‘you’ the kick-start you need to stay consistent with your workouts and seeing the results you’ve always dreamed of!

Personalised Exercise Plan

GC Fitness Trainer will design a one-on-one exercise program based on:

    • Your goals


    • Timeframe to goal


    • Exercise preferences


    • Health requirements


  • Lifestyle


Note: Your body composition data from a InBody Scan may be considered (but you will be advised if this is needed).

Your exercise program will be tailored to you and the results you want.

It will also be split up into short term achievable goals to always keep you on track to reach your ultimate goal/s.

Personalised Nutrition Plan

GC Fitness Trainer will design a one-on-one nutrition plan that is:

  • Enjoyable (and therefore will not have you losing interest)

  • Easy to follow (ensuring results can be achieved), and

  • Suited to your lifestyle (always key).

And you can be rest assured all Nutrition Plans are:

  • Scientifically proven

  • Tailored to your goals, and ultimately

  • Life changing!

Passionate Personal Trainer Chris Howson will ultimately ‘invest’ a lot of time with you regarding nutrition because:

You are what you eat.

For more information on the GC Fitness Trainer Nutrition process please click here.

Expert Advice

Personal Trainer Chris Howson:

Lives, breathes, eats and sleeps everything Personal Training!

Chris has:

  • The Best PT Knowledge (with over 25 years’ experience)

  • The Best Certifications (Internationally recognised)

  • The Best Commitment to Learning (constantly updating skills).

Chris believes in ‘sustainable’ change in your life – whether that be through exercise or nutrition.

And Chris knows that long-lasting results:

  • Do not ‘start’ and ‘end’ with a boring session in the gym

  • Are not a ‘one-size-fits’ all program

  • Cannot be achieved without knowing all about you.

Chris Howson’s goal for you is simple:

“Whether it’s exercise or nutrition I want to always give you the best advice, enjoy the  journey and smash some goals along the way!”

Other Services

Personal Training Services With 100% Satisfaction and Your Results Guaranteed

Challenge Group 2

6 Week Challenge

Run every 8 weeks and sure to test your fitness while being bucket loads of fun with various training. Includes 24/7 Support.


Couples Training

Achieve all your fitness goals together with combined motivation and a healthy routine that is hard to beat.


Group Training

All about fun and when you get involved and train together, it’s a great way to push yourself and put a smile on your face.


Online Training

Unrivalled support and motivation from highly experienced PT Chris Howson whenever you need it, wherever you are.



Just as critical as exercise and therefore a comprehensive approach is taken with nutritional habits that are life changing.

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Our Promise

GC Fitness Trainer Chris Howson’s promise is simple.

100% PT Results Guaranteed or it is FREE!

If anytime you feel unsatisfied you can ask for your money back or even get Chris to train for your FREE.

That is the GC Fitness Trainer promise.

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