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Life Changing Nutritional Planning Tailored to Your Lifestyle

Train. Eat. Sleep. Recover.

But ultimately you are:

What you eat.

And that is exactly why GC Fitness Trainer take a ‘comprehensive’ approach with a Nutritional Plan that is:

  • Tailored specifically to you (and only to you)
  • Scientifically proven (to stand the test of time)
  • Life changing (with new and enjoyable habits formed for life!
And the keywords are:
  • Goals
  • Enjoyment, and
  • Lifestyle
Because macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein and fats) will mean very little to you without these!

Personal Trainer Chris Howson genuinely wants to deliver you:

Life Changing Nutritional Habits 100% Guaranteed.

Easy to Follow Nutritional Planning that Make Sense

GC Fitness Trainer know the key to success with any nutritional plan is:

Making it super easy to follow!

And trust us we explain everything to you in:

  • Plain English (so easy to follow), and from a
  • Results Perspective (so focusing on only what matters).


Because the ‘timing’ and ‘types’ of food you eat play a massive role in:

Your ability to improve your body shape.

Therefore, GC Fitness Trainer encourage you to:

  • Keep a food diary (and have it regularly reviewed), and
  • Meet your protein, carbohydrate and fat intake goals (key to success).

Personal Trainer Chris Howson genuinely wants to deliver you:

Easy to Follow Nutritional Plans 100% Guaranteed.

Enjoyable & Wide Variety of Food Options

The only way to stay ‘motivated’ with nutrition is with:

  • Enjoyable (delicious), and a
  • Wide Variety (keeps things interesting)

Of food that tastes great!

And GC Fitness Trainer makes things super easy for you by:

  • Adopting to your current eating style to a model that suits your current dietary style, and
  • Likes / intolerances are extensively discussed to determine the best result suited to you.

Typically, 4-6 meals per day will be advised for best results but we always listen to your needs and 100% understand:

One-size does not fit all

Ultimately with over 25 years’ experience in nutrition Personal Trainer Chris Howson will deliver you a:

Personalised Nutrition Plan that Gets Results 100% Guaranteed.

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