The benefit of working out and being active is a very positive thing. From a healthy heart and mind, sweating toxins out of your body, keeping your body lean and building more muscle mass, your body will thank you the more you maintain your fitness.

But what if getting to the gym or training is proving a little harder these days than it used to be and you are really finding it a struggle to get yourself off the couch? We all go through it, but what is important is getting your self back into routine. Below are a few proven methods, that will help you get you, back into to breaking a sweat.


Having an accountability partner can help. The fact that someone else is counting on you to attend a scheduled workout, will make it more likely that you will attend. Even better than that, seeing your friend run longer, or lift heavier than you can sometimes give you the extra motivation you need to push yourself that little bit more. You can also share training tips and celebrate each other progress, when you reach goals.


If you are just looking to get active there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but there will come a point when just floating from machine to machine without a set goal may become boring. Its at this point a lot of people start to skip workouts or feel as though they are not making any headway. the best way to stop this is to have a plan in place, that has short term and long term goals set, that you will aim to accomplish within a given time frame. Not only will this keep you focused and stop monotonous sessions, it will also make you feel more positive towards your training as you hit those goals…feeling self accomplished either physically or mentally due top working out, is one of the best motivators you can have.


Research has shown that in many ways, that dressing ‘the part’ for certain tasks can help fuel the ambition to complete it. This is called en-clothed cognition and has been shown to be a very powerful motivator. Basically, if you are in full workout gear, you are much more likely to head out the door.


A lot of us are creatures of habit when it comes to our training routines, some even go as far to think that they will lose strength or muscle if they miss a certain exercise even once per week…this is not true. Repeating the same exercise can definitely become monotonous and nothing is more detrimental to your progress, than just going through the motions because you feel you have to. To avoid boredom, try switching out your usual for new ones, or re-arranging the order of them. This will help keep your mind invested and may shock your muscles into new results faster, than just plodding through your workouts.


A Certified Personal Trainer may add a little bit more to the cost of your fitness journey, but they can actually add a lot of tangible value to your training and exercise knowledge quickly. An expert can design a program based on your current goals, show you correctly how to perform new exercises or use new equipment, explain the science behind your training or road blocks, provide tips on nutrition and even help you with lacking motivation. You may find that you do not need them long term, but having them present and having them assist you may be the difference between you sticking to you routine or feeling defeated and giving up.


A very big part of lacking motivation, can be different types of over training. You may feel that you are starting to get lazy if you aren’t hitting the gym everyday, but eventually you will find, that your body’s will to rest will trump your will to keep lifting those weights. It’s better to build recovery time into your training routine, whatever that may be, just be sure that you turn your activity level down and allow your body to rest.

Staying motivated to keep up with training can sometimes be tough, hopefully out of the above solutions, you can find one that is suitable for you.

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