Group Training

Fitness Training In Gold Coast - Get Involved, Train Together and Have Fun!

Get involved, push yourself and have serious fun with Group Personal Training.

An amazing way to achieve your goals with Group Training proven to be:

Highly enjoyable (always putting a big smile on your face)

Highly motivating (all while improving your fitness)

Highly accountable (with everyone working towards their goal together).

GC Fitness Trainer makes it easy by providing you with a solution that is:

Cost effective (offering you big bang for your buck)

Designed to fit all schedules (with careful planning)

Done in a location (that suits all).

Designed for groups of 10-20 people, Group Personal Training is one of the best methods of ensuring your lifestyle changes stick with you long-term.

Because ultimately it does not matter if the group has ‘similar’ or completely ‘different’ fitness aspirations because:

All you need is the common drive to improve your fitness together!

Benefits of Group Personal Training

GC Fitness Trainer would like to 100% reassure you that it’s Group Training offers you the exact same benefits as One-on-One Personal Training.

That is the exact same focus is on:

  • Safety
  • Technique, and
  • Goal Achievement.
The main benefit of Group Personal Training is the ability to reach your fitness goals in a team environment full of ‘fun.’

Here are the Other Main Benefits:

  • Accountability (for both you and the group)
  • Save money on gym memberships (that got little use)
  • High motivation levels (through working out with peers)
  • High enjoyment levels (through team bonding)
  • Personal advice (on nutrition or lifestyle changes)
Say yes to “fun fitness” with Group Personal Training with GC Fitness Trainer!


Types of Group Personal Training

GC Fitness Trainer offers a variety of Group Training sessions targeting both:

  • High, and
  • Low impact exercises.

It is suitable for:

  • All ages, and
  • All fitness levels.

Maybe you’re looking for a high intensity cardio workout?

Maybe you’re looking to gain muscle mass?

Maybe you just want to stretch out and relax your muscles?

Whatever you goal – GC Fitness Trainer has you covered.

And Personal Trainer Chris Howson will ‘personally’ assess your requirements before placing you in any Group Training session.

Because ultimately although you are part of a group:

You are still his Client and Number #1 Priority!

Group Training Personalised Service

Personal Trainer Chris Howson promises you that you will:

Never get lost in the crowd in a Group PT session with him.

Chris is a big believer in keep things personal.

You are always a ‘name’ and never a ‘number.’

You can be rest assured that Chris takes the time to:

  • Get to know you (and each person in the group)
  • Understand your personal requirements (in detail)
  • Understand your fitness aspirations (and ultimately your goals)
  • Learn your habits (from lifestyle to mindset to body).

And this is all done so Chris Howson can:

Create a program that’s specific to you and only to you.

The importance of good nutrition to maximise your results will also be discussed and you can learn more about that here.

Say yes to personalised Group Training sessions with GC Fitness Trainer!

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GC Fitness Trainer Chris Howson’s promise is simple.

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That is the GC Fitness Trainer promise.

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