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Train Together and Win Together - Personal Trainer In Gold Coast

Say yes to quality ‘together’ time with Couples Personal Training that allows you to:

Strive / support each other together to reach common fitness goals, and

Create a more healthy life together.

Couples Personal Training can:

Heighten enjoyment (which is key to fitness)

Increase motivation (with plenty of smiles), and ultimately

Enhance your results (by training together).

Because when you train together as a couple your goals can become ‘shared’ or ‘individual’ goals as a team.

Whether you choose to ‘share’ or go ‘individual’ is up to you.

But whatever you decide you can be ensured Couple Personal Training will put you on the path to a:

A healthier routine for life that is highly rewarding.

Benefits of Couples Personal Training

The main benefit of Couples Personal Training is that it gets you and your partner together.

Here are the Other Main Benefits:

    • Save money on a gym membership (not being used effectively)


    • Working out become a priority (with precious ‘together’ time)


    • You keep each other accountable (when your PT isn’t around)


    • You become each other’s motivation (pushing each other)


    • You see results together (having serious fun at the same time)


    • Work out in a comfortable environment (on your terms).


Couples Personal Training is not only great for your body but can strengthen your relationship as a couple.

GC Fitness Trainer has achieved amazing results for Couples who train together and would love for both of you to be our next Clients!


Lifestyle Changes You and Your Partner Will Love

It is a lifestyle.

How many times have you heart in in the health and fitness industry?

But GC Fitness Trainer swear by this statement.

And did you know that as a couple:

Behaviours and habits influence each other.

So when your partner:

  • Goes to the gym (you are more likely to)
  • Finds a new exercise (you are more likely to embrace it)
  • Changes their nutrition (you take notice).

An increase in ‘motivation’ is the reason behind this.

And it is absolute key that this ‘motivation is used in making:

Sustainable lifestyle changes as a couple to produce significant results.

Because ‘sustainability’ is all that matters in you both:

    • Enjoying life’s journey together, and ultimately
    • Getting results you had always dreamed of.

Remember nothing is impossible and that is exactly why:

GC Fitness Trainer encourages you to workout as a couple and start smashing your fitness goals today!

Better Workouts & Nutrition for Couples

Boring couple workouts be gone!

Personal Trainer Chris Howson has over 25 years’ experience and knows the critical importance of:

  • Workout enjoyment 
  • Workout variety
  • Workout motivation.

Chris likes to call this his ‘3 Pillars of Success.’

Because it is only when these pillars are satisfied that couples can:

Achieve 100% result by reaching their goals and often smashing them.

Communication is key when it comes to Nutrition for Couples.

But GC Fitness Trainer make nutrition for couples easy with:

  • Nutritional plans tailored towards you and your partner’s lifestyle
  • Easy to follow nutritional plans that make sense, and
  • Enjoyable / wide variety of food options and recipes.

For more on the nutrition process please click here.

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