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25+ Years Experience

100% Results Focus

2,000+ Satisfied Clients

Care About You and Your Success

You are my Client and my number #1 priority!

So as your Personal Trainer, I take:

  • Your fitness goals seriously, and

  • I’m passionate about you achieving your fitness goals.

I understand that:

  • Getting fit,

  • Losing weight and

  • Gaining muscle…

Can be challenging but I will 100% help you:

  • Overcome challenges, and

  • Reach your goals faster and more effectively with…

The ‘personal’ training options I provide.

With the use of detailed discussions and your feedback:

I will create a ‘sustainable personalised fitness plan’ specifically tailored:

To meet your needs and only your needs.

And the work does not stop there.

Because I will work with you ‘constantly’ to keep you on track and motivated to:

Reach all your goals and then reward yourself!

Knowledge, Training and Expertise is Key to Success

With 25+ years experience, a wealth of knowledge and my own success (and that of others) I will comprehensively analyse your:

  • Lifestyle

  • Mindset, and

  • Body…

To create a fitness plan that will help you reach your goals.

Because ultimately it is:

  • Your Goals

  • Your Body, and ultimately

  • Your Transformation…

That Matters and Nothing Else.

We are all ‘unique’ and therefore a ‘cookie cutter style program’ approach is never taken.

Instead the focus of my Personal Training is always on 3 things:

  1. Scientifically backed exercise programs (that are fun but challenging)

  2. Scientifically backed nutrition programs (they still let you enjoy your food), and

  3. Your 100% PT Results Guaranteed (with plenty of time to reward yourself after you hit all your goals).

Fitness Creates Life Success

Because it ultimately creates a better life for you.

Both now and in the future.

And my Personal Training can provide you an edge in many areas of fitness that include:

  • Muscle gain and body building

  • Fat loss

  • Functional Fitness

  • Nutrition Coaching

  • Motivation

  • Programming, and

  • Group Training

So whether it be the gym with:

  • Likeminded people

  • Variety of equipment

  • No weather impact

Or outdoors with:

  • Small groups

  • Large groups, and

  • Beautiful Fresh Air…

Start doing today with fitness results for life!


Challenge Group 2

6 Week Challenge

Run every 8 weeks and sure to test your fitness while being bucket loads of fun with various training. Includes 24/7 Support.

Coaching Pic

1-on-1 Personal Training

Achieve all your fitness goals for you and only you with a 100% results program that is guaranteed to please.


Couples Training

Achieve all your fitness goals together with combined motivation and a healthy routine that is hard to beat.

Group Training

All about fun and when you get involved and train together, it’s a great way to push yourself and put a smile on your face.


Online Training

Unrivalled support and motivation from highly experienced PT Chris Howson whenever you need it, wherever you are.



Just as critical as exercise and therefore a comprehensive approach is taken with nutritional habits that are life changing.

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Our Promise

GC Fitness Trainer Chris Howson’s promise is simple.

100% PT Results Guaranteed or it is FREE!

If anytime you feel unsatisfied you can ask for your money back or even get Chris to train for your FREE.

That is the GC Fitness Trainer promise.

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