Something that seems to confuse people quite a lot is the issue of warming up properly. Warm ups are essential, especially if you intend to lift heavy weights at medium to low rep ranges as they can both physically and mentally prepare your body for the hard work your muscle is about to do, as […]

R.I.C.E Recovery Principle…good or bad?

If you’ve ever played a sport as a child or read up on recovery, you’ve likely heard the acronym RICE as the ultimate way to treat physical ailments. RICE stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation, and while it’s a cute and easy-to-remember acronym, it turns out it’s not entirely based in cold, hard science when […]

Training with Knee Pain.

The knee joint is generally stable, but feeling pain in that area can be frustrating and scary. However, unless you have suffered an acute injury or have a chronic knee condition, you don’t always need to run to a doctor when your knee bothers you. Sometimes, you can work around the pain and continue getting […]

Help Stop Sugar Cravings.

Our everyday life is filled with quick, cheap access to sugar whenever we are craving it — and even when we aren’t.  Supermarkets and convenience stores are stocked with cookies, candy, sugary beverages and other sweet snacks strategically placed at the checkout prompting unhealthy impulse buys.  What’s more, sugar can be hidden under many names […]

Do You Struggle with Procrastinating?

So you are finally ready to start that new fitness regimen … TOMORROW. You’ll start tracking your calories, catching up on any deadlines, doing those minor fix up tasks at home or work and meal prepping for the week. For many people, “tomorrow” gets loaded with good intentions, but sadly, mostly it never gets here. […]

Motivation To Get You Working Out.

The benefit of working out and being active is a very positive thing. From a healthy heart and mind, sweating toxins out of your body, keeping your body lean and building more muscle mass, your body will thank you the more you maintain your fitness. But what if getting to the gym or training is […]

Why You’re NOT Losing Fat!

If you’re weight loss has come to a grinding halt and you are looking for the answer to get back on track, then this article may just be what you have been looking for… Whether you call it lean, ripped or shredded, the gruelling process of getting that unwanted body fat of your frame, to […]

Posture and How To Improve It.

Before we begin, you may be asking yourself – What does good posture do for us? Or why should we try to improve it? Its not always easy to maintain good posture, that’s for sure, but just like anything else it is a skill that can be learned and the benefits are great. But it […]