6 Week Challenge

Personal Training In Gold Coast - Bucket Loads of Fun but Challenging!

Have bucket loads of fun and test your fitness with the famous 6-week challenge by GC Fitness Trainer Chris Howson!

Check out our reviews and before / after as proof of the results.

6 Week Challenge Details

Run:Every 8 weeks, late entries are available mid-way through
Includes:3 Bootcamps per week, 2 PTs coaching each session, nutritional coaching, beach workouts
24/7 Support:  Throughout the challenge plus access to a private ‘Client only’ Facebook group
Additional:Mini challenges and tasks, discounted supplements, discounted InBody Scans and prize packs
Cost:Between $299-$399 depending on the workout schedule of the particular challenge

Benefits of 6 Week Challenge

Everyone loves a ‘challenge’ because it makes you feel alive, makes life more fun and ultimately enables you to grow as a person.


Here are the Other Main Benefits:

  • Linked to positive behavioural changes (nothing beats positive)
  • Linked to increase productivity habits (productivity is everything)
  • Linked to better quality of life (improving your overall happiness)
  • Provides end date (giving you something to reach for)
  • Provides structure (because results come from consistency)
  • Track your progress (setting yourself up for success)
  • Motivation (and accountability for you and fellow challengers)
  • Meet like-minded people (and sure to make new friends)
  • Get support (because PT advice only helps you improve)
  • Change your routine (great way to start seeing results again)
  • Have loads of fun (lots of smiles all while challenging yourself).

Like what you see and interested in the Six Week Challenge?

The Psychology of Success Behind the 6 Week Challenge

  1. You learn (a lot)
  2. You share (with fellow challengers), and ultimately
  3. You succeed (being driven by the deadline).
This is the ‘psychology’ (at the highest level) behind the 6 Week Challenge.


But let’s briefly break that down.



1. Learning

Learning is critical to improving in life because it opens our eyes to:

  • New ideas, and
  • New opportunities
And it is this ‘new’ experience that engages our ‘excitement’ emotions enabling us to to work even harder toward achieving the goal!


2.You Share

Although we highly recommend One-on-One Personal Training the benefits of training in a ‘team’ environment are undeniable.

Because it is only human nature for your fellow challengers to:

  • Motivate each other, and
  • Push each other hard towards your goals!


3.You Succeed

Work. Rest. Play.

Everyone in life needs deadlines to:

  • Make themselves accountable (to someone), and ultimately
  • Succeed by hitting the deadline and…
  • Smashing their goals by getting the dream results they were seeking!

Overcoming Your Fear of Challenges

Everyone in life has fear.

Even the most confident person in the world.

But the only way to overcome ‘fear’ is to:

  • Recognise it
  • Embrace it, and then ultimately
  • Tackle it head on!

And this is backed up by Psychology Today (read more here) that states:

The Only Way to Overcome Fear is to go Through It.

So when it comes to our famous 6 Week Challenge…

Run by highly experienced PT Chris Howson with 25+ years experience…

Don’t be afraid to give us a call on 0412 527 695 and talk through any:

  • Roadblocks
  • Obstacles, or
  • Fears…

Because Chris is more than happy to spend time with you and would love you to be his next ‘challenger’ on his Famous 6 Week Challenge.

And achieve life-changing results that create a better life for you.

Other Services

Personal Training Services With 100% Satisfaction and Your Results Guaranteed

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1-on-1 Personal Training

Achieve all your fitness goals for you and only you with a 100% results program that is guaranteed to please.


Couples Training

Achieve all your fitness goals together with combined motivation and a healthy routine that is hard to beat.


Group Training

All about fun and when you get involved and train together, it’s a great way to push yourself and put a smile on your face.


Online Training

Unrivalled support and motivation from highly experienced PT Chris Howson whenever you need it, wherever you are.



Just as critical as exercise and therefore a comprehensive approach is taken with nutritional habits that are life changing.

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